What’s Your Story?

Our Honoring Indigenous Peoples Group brainstormed and shared our stories based on questions like those below. Eventually some of us wrote our own stories—see Personal Stories. More stories are welcome; send yours to honoringindigenous@uucb.org for consideration.

Indigenous people see land as sacred and stewardship of the land is a key part of their culture. What does the land you live on mean to you?

What is the history of your own awareness of or connection to Indigenous people? 

When did you begin to realize that colonizers stole from Indigenous people, through trickery and violence, the land that is now the United States? How has that awareness evolved—and is it still evolving?

Do you remember growing up with negative stereotypes and/or pejorative expressions connected with Indigenous people?

How did your family get to where they live? To this continent, this state, this home town?

How did your family relate to people of races or cultures different from their own?

How did your family talk about Native Americans (if at all)?