UUCB’s Land Acknowledgment

UUCB has started pausing for land acknowledgments at Sunday services and major meetings. The wording is evolving. The HIP group has recommended the following after input from the Board of Trustees:

As we begin, we want to acknowledge that this church occupies land in Huchiun, the unceded territory of the Chochenyo-speaking Ohlone people.  We understand that we continue to benefit from the seizure and occupation of this land.  We acknowledge and embrace our responsibility to take restorative action.  We affirm that this is deeply felt and commit our congregation to be in right relationship with Indigenous communities, aligning in solidarity, supporting Indigenous projects, and caring properly for the land.

One comment

  1. I liked when on 6/6/2021 this land acknowledgement was (first?) read in a church service outside, there was a Raven up on the church roof, cawing its approval loudly. Ravens were often seen by indigenous people to have special abilities. I also enjoyed hearing White-breasted Nuthatches and Mourning Doves, but I do not think they are associated with special indigenous powers like the Common Raven.

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